Unitholders Of Both Vanguard Natural Resources, Llc And Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L P Approve Merger And Common Unit Issuance

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Although no ice jams have been reported in the space of the mine web site, all retention dams can be designed to face up to the pressure from ice buildup. Most realignment channels would be too slim to cause ice jams and wider channels would not be located shut enough to any project components or infrastructure to pose a risk. Pursuant to paragraph 19 of CEAA 2012, the environmental assessment must take into account any change to the Project which may be caused by the setting, together with excessive and periodic weather occasions. Use strain sensors in an automated shutdown system alongside the pipeline, and flow transmitters at the ore processing plant and the tailings receiving level at the tailings administration facility. Based on the proponent's description of accidents and malfunctions, the Agency centered on those that may affect valued elements selected in this report, and that might most likely trigger a major adverse environmental impact, should they occur. The Agency additionally thought-about measures to reduce the probability of spills or leaks into the surroundings.

The proponent acknowledged that there may be a danger of underestimating the mixed results of chemical compounds of concern on a particular organ, and that any additive results of compounds that operate on multiple organs are tough to evaluate with any degree of certainty. The proponent acknowledged that some air contaminants, such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, could interact, however is of the view that provincial and federal exposure limits already mirror mixed publicity to multiple contaminants. The proponent is also of the view that other chemical substances of concern usually are not predicted to be current at concentrations that may trigger a risk to well being.

These variations are acceptable, offered they remain within the bounds of the analysis performed. Nevertheless, should the Minister authorize the Project to proceed, the proponent would have to comply with conditions established within the Minister's Decision Statement that might be issued at that time. Six options for the situation of the tailings management facility were assessed, located between 4.5 and 11 km north of the ore processing plant. The most well-liked location was the closest to the ore processing plant (4.5 km away), thus requiring the shortest pipeline lengths.

Our discovering of decreased flight altitudes related to headwind conditions has been noted in other areas (Mueller and Berger 1967, Shamoun-Baranes et al. 2003, 2006). Under such circumstances, there could additionally be an increased likelihood of an eagle collision as the birds transfer closer to the underlying topography where carry is out there. Postconstruction observations together with wind speed knowledge collected at nacelle height would aid in determining the danger this represents of collision with spinning blades. Using a visual technique to translate observed movements of Golden Eagles into 3-D GIS tracks, we had been capable of each quantitatively assess the passage of eagles and differentiate motion patterns for people that approached within shut proximity to the proposed turbine space. We found that collision danger may be higher at this web site when peak migration dates overlap with climate conditions not suitable for high-altitude carry. Poor situations for lift occurred under weak wind situations, which concentrated eagle passage around noon, or beneath strong headwinds, by which eagles were compelled to travel nearer to the underlying topography.

Effluent could be discharged from the polishing pond into Neville Lake, on the outflow of Bagsverd Creek, when needed as a result of extra water within the sharpening pond. The end-of-pipe discharge in Neville Lake would not exceed the approved limits of deleterious substances beneath Schedule 4 of the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations. The proponent has proposed to undertake extra therapy by way of an effluent treatment plant if necessary, to make sure concentrations throughout the initial effluent mixing zone remain under toxicity thresholds for all substances, to scale back potential short-term results to fish and aquatic life. The proponent will be anticipated to fulfill requirements set out within the Closure Plan required by Ontario's Mining Act for the handling of mine waste, and the distribution of waste rock in the mine rock area, to be able to limit acid technology and steel leaching. In addition, the proponent is dedicated to monitoring sediment high quality to verify its predictions. The project footprint on the mine web site would constitute a long-term loss of a portion of the normal territories and harvesting areas of the Mattagami First Nation, the Flying Post First Nation, and the Métis Nation of Ontario.

The Agency acknowledges that licensed bait harvesters may have to change the water bodies within which bait is harvested. The Agency is of the view that with the implementation of the mitigation and follow-up measures described in Section 7.1 bait assets will continue to be available in other water our bodies. The 4M Circle Canoe Route could also be modified as a end result of the construction of dams and proposed watercourse realignments. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry indicated that the route has an in depth history and is well accessible making it available to a variety of canoeists. The proponent proposed to establish suitable portage connections and canoe route alternatives during the development and operation phases of the Project.

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